D.I.Y Pink. Black & Zebra Inspired Bedroom!

I was recently looking up bedroom ideas, because I plan on redecorating my bedroom. I came across this picture and I fell in love! This room was created by a woman name Cheryl Little, she created this room for her daughter and it is absolutely gorgeous!

I did some research to see if I can find every piece of furniture and I found ALMOST all of it.

All of the furniture came from IKEA, and the list of items are listed below:

CABINET AREA AROUND BED: (The Besta cabinets above the bed are three separate shelf unit/height extension units)

2 x BESTÅ shelf unit 60X40X192 (801-340-48)
3 x BESTÅ shelf unit/height extension 60X40X38 (201-340-51)
6 x INREDA drawers no fronts 60X40 (901-057-19)
6 x BESTÅ VARA drawer fronts 60X26 (601-344-31)
2 x BESTÅ TOMBO glass door 60X64 (201-035-54 )
3 x BESTÅ suspension rail (101-245-85)
4 x BESTÅ adjustable legs (801-432-17)


1 x ASPELUND bed frame (full)


1 x JONAS desk (000-89-262)

1 x SKRUVSTA swivel chair (000-45-169)


2 x BESTÅ shelf unit/height extension 60X40X38 (201-340-51)

2 x INREDA drawers no fronts 60X40 (901-057-19)

2 x BESTÅ VARA drawer fronts 60X26 (601-344-31)

1 x STAVE mirror (white)


Zebra Picture: (IKEA)

Zebra Print Comforter on Bed: (http://www.wakeupfrankie.com/Products/394/403/Duvets+Comforters/Ice+Princess+Faux+Fur+Duvet)

Pink Pillows, Throw Blanket and Boxes ( TARGET)

Boards over Desk (Wal-Mart)



Tutti Frutti Behr S-G 100 (in the Saturated color deck)

Disney’s Mouse Ears by Behr.

**Also for the Dressing area, you have to install the middle mirror to the wall. And the cabinetry for the dressing area are the height extension cabinets used right above the bed

As far as everything else in the room, like decorations, I would check out Wal-Mart and Target for picture frames, boxes, lamps, etc.

This was quoted from the person who created this room:

“The cabinet doors that are also frames, where we enlarged her favorite photos in black and white, with the light above spotlighting them.  The curtain wire that hangs her favorite photos across the bulkhead.  And the dressing area.  The dressing area is my absolute favorite because I created it completely.  I didn’t see it somewhere and copy it, nothing inspired it, I just created it and I love how it turned out.  It has lights above that she can turn on, three full length mirrors that she can position where she needs them, and the bench with storage for her accessories (hats, scarves, belts, etc) and jewelry.  Interesting facts:  Hot pink is like red.  It took one coat of gray primer and three coats of the pink to get it to cover evenly.  Also, don’t be afraid to use black on the walls when you have lots of white furniture or accessories to put on them.”

So if you have any questions then please comment below!

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5 responses to “D.I.Y Pink. Black & Zebra Inspired Bedroom!

  1. kyla

    love this room wish i had it

  2. Emma

    WANT THIS ROOM!!!!!!!!!!

  3. amanda


  4. Madipinkzebra

    I found one of the pictures and I’m now decorating my room exactly the same as this! I’m so thankful of you for finding what around the bed is I’ve been looking everywhere! I think the room is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

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