My Inspiration for going Natural!

The image to the left is an amazing artist, photographer and fashion designer by the name of KESH. I discovered her blog awhile back and her posts and images are so inspirational. More and more I fell in love with her hair. Several months ago I cut my hair into a Rihanna fo-hawk style, mind you I was still getting perms; but anyhow back to what I was saying– I was still getting perms, I was so much into fads and wanting my hair straight to look like the females hair in all the magazines and etc. I didn’t realize how much the chemicals in the perms were really breaking off and damaging my hair. When I was younger, my hair was literally past the middle of my back, but it was THICK. My mother started putting perms in my hair when I was about 7 or 8, the perms weren’t really breaking off my hair because the strength of the perm wasn’t that bad, she used Just For Me. Later and later throughout the years I realized that my hair was getting shorter and shorter, and my hair was breaking off badly, like when i would get my hair wet or just comb through it, a lot of hair would come out. During the ages of 12-14 I wasn’t getting anymore perms, and my hair was just natural and thick. I soon realized that my hair was just too thick to manage and it was really short, like at my shoulders; the only type of hair styles that were easy for me to do and manage were putting my hair in two puff balls (smh), I wore that hair style all through middle school, literally. During the ages 15-18, I was in high school and of course everyone would judge you from the shoes on your feet to the type of hair style you wore. I soon persuaded my mom that my hair was just too thick for me to manage, considering the fact that my mom is not a hair person and she cut her hair off back when she was younger and she’s been rocking her hair short for years. My mom then came up with an idea of me wearing braids– cornrows. I then started going to the African hair salons and would get my hair cornrowed with weave all the time, that was like the best thing since sliced bread. After about a year of wearing braids, I was tired of wearing them and that style was soon fading away. I then finally persuaded my mom to let me get a perm again, so she finally gave in and took me to the hair salon. I was going to the hair salon faithfully every single month and would get my hair washed and styled, or a touch up on my relaxer. I was realizing that my hair was getting even more shorter, the perm was damaging my hair, I had lots of split ends, and it was just terrible but I still continued to get perms. Then one day I was looking at Rihanna’s music video and wanted to get my hair cut like hers, into a fo-hawk. I started googling pictures of her hair and showed my mom, so earlier this year I finally got my hair cut like Rihanna’s! THEN, I discovered youtube and noticed how  a lot of young girls were growing their hair naturally CURLY, I started looking at more videos about naturally curly hair, hair products for naturally curly hair, how to maintain naturally curly hair and etc. I was so interested in these videos, that I decided that I was going to let my perm grow out and I was going to go natural because my natural hair is NATURALLY CURLY. FINALLY I DISCOVERED KESH’S BLOG and I fell in love with her hair, her hair is naturally curly and it’s in a mo hawk. I then knew that I really wanted to go natural and style my hair just like hers when it got longer. In October of this year (2010) I cut all my permed hair off and I had about 3 inches of natural hair already from the few months I had not gotten a perm. I noticed that the perm in my hair was really blocking me from going natural and I didn’t want to go through the transitional phase like most people do.  So now my hair is short and NATURALLY CURLY!

Oh, you should really check out her blog too,



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2 responses to “My Inspiration for going Natural!

  1. Yes! Yes and yes…. natural is much better for us! I don’t know why it took me a decade to realize it myself! Congrats on the new do

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