How to Wear Patterned Tights Like the Celebrities

Who doesn’t like patterned tights? Although you may not be sure how to wear them or what to wear them with, people still love them. Here are a few tips on how to wear these tights.

If you’re wearing bold patterned tights like Kelis or Nicki, keep everything else understated so there isn’t a big competition for attention going on in your outfit. Kelis’ leopard tights would look so much better with a simple black sheath dress and black pumps or booties.

Even if you want to get funky and pair say leopard print tights with leopard print shoes, keep everything else simple. Other patterned tights look great with solid bright colors.

Want to mix prints safely? Follow these tips:

Mixing prints may seem difficult, but can be pulled off using these tips:
* Stay within the same color family (i.e. green plaid with green polka dots) or go with contrasting colors. Learn more about how to use the color wheel to combine colors in The Color Wheel: How to Combine Colors in your Wardrobe
* Go opposite in scale (i.e. mix smaller prints with larger ones).
* Pull it all together with a solid color (either a jacket, shoes, or purse, etc.)


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