College Girl Series | School Supplies

1. SPIRAL NOTEBOOKS: You will need either 1-subject, 3-subject, or 5-subject spiral notebooks, depending on how many classes you are taking. Spiral Notebooks are a must, they are used to take down important notes for class. Some people like to buy the 1-subject notebooks and just have a notebook for each of their classes, it depends on you and how many classes you are taking. Also another great tip to stay organized with your notebooks, if you are using 1-subject notebooks for each of your classes, make sure you buy each notebook in a different color, that goes for your binders and folders as well. For an example, if I had a psychology class, I would buy a pink 1-subject notebook, a pink folder, and a pink folder specifically for my psychology class.

2. 3 RING BINDER: Getting a 3-ring binder is optional. 3-ring binders are used for organizing important notes that the teacher provided for you. Some people use only 1 binder for ALL of their classes and just get dividers to divide each of their classes, and some people choose to buy a binder for each of their classes and buy different color binders for each of their classes like stated above.

3. ORGANIZER: Getting a organizer is a BIG help for staying up to date with assignments due on a certain date, or jotting down different events or important dates going on around campus. You use the organizer to write down homework, or write down certain things you need to study.

4. HIGHLIGHTERS: Highlighters help you stay organized as well, they are used for highlighting important information in your notes or maybe in your text book (Only if you choose not to sell your books at the end of the semester, also if you are renting your text books, DONT WRITE OR HIGHLIGHT IN THEM).

5. GEL PENS: Gel Pens are optional. They are good for writing notes, you can use a different color for each class. This is really helpful because if you find a piece of paper with green ink out of place, you will automatically know, “Oh, this belongs in my algebra folder/binder!”

6. MECHANICAL PENCILS: Mechanical pencils are a must, you may have to take a test or a quiz and only allowed to write in pencil on your scan-trons, make sure your mechanical pencils are #2.

7. LARGE SCHOOL BAG/TOTE: Make sure to buy a large school bag/tote so that all your supplies, books, etc fits in the bag. You don’t have lockers in college so its up to you to carry all your stuff around, unless you have a car.

8. INDEX CARDS: Index Cards are helpful to jot down quick notes, and also helpful for classes where you have to remember certain vocabulary words. Just write down the vocabulary word on the front and the definition on the back, and they will be very helpful for studying.

9. FOLDERS: Folders are good for handout notes the teacher gives you. Its best to buy a folder for each of your classes, because if you have just 1 folder for ALL of your classes, it will be a hassle to find certain notes for a certain class when all your classes notes are in one folder. Also, like a said before, chose a certain color for a certain class.

10. MINI STAPLER: Mini Staplers are good for staying organized. Some teachers may hand out notes that have multiple pages that are not stapled and its up to you to staple it yourself. Also, some teachers may REQUIRE you to staple your essays before handing them in and if there NOT stapled, they will deduct points from your overall grade. So get a mini stapler, you don’t want to lose points just for not handing a little staple in your paper.

11. 3-RING BINDER HOLE PUNCHER: Having your own hole puncher is great, especially the hole punchers that you can just clip in your binder, its convenient and not as big as the regular bulky hole punchers. Hole punchers are good for hole punching handouts your teacher may give you, and you can just put it in your binder.

12. INK PENS: Ink Pens are a MUST. Most teachers require you to ONLY write in pen. So make sure you have plenty of pens because you will be using them a lot.

ALSO: Some students choose to just bring a laptop to class to type all of their notes instead of hand writing them in a spiral notebook.

It’s also good to bring water, juice, and snacks with you just in case you can’t leave and grab a bite to eat. Also it’s also good to bring coffee with you if you have an early class.


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