D.I.Y Wine Glass Jewelry Holder

This is a cute idea I came up with one day. This is a wine glass jewelry holder. I got this hard plastic wine glass from a event that I went to one day and I just decided to keep it because it was really cute and I knew I was going to be able to create something out of it. Now, if you are a clumsy person and you break things easily (lol), I would stick with the hard plastic wine glasses like the one in the pic, you can find this exact same wine glass or other styles at Party City. If your not as clumsy, I would recommend getting a regular glass wine glass, it would be more classy. You can store necklaces, rings and even stud earrings in these wine glasses, or even paper clips, or thumb tacks so you can put on your desk.

I will have a separate post showing different ways you can decorate these wine glasses, stay tuned.


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