Update- Im Back!

Okay, I know i’ve been gone for a long time now but I am back. I’ve been really busy with cosmetology school, which I know longer attend (I will write a separate post about that later). But anyways, the new school year is coming up so I will have some fun posts about College coming up soon. Also, I’m going to add some new topics of interest to my blog- Home Decor, My Everyday Life, Health & Fitness, and Reality TV Recaps. If you want me to do a certain topic then please just request it in a comment. Also, I am back in regular college, I start August 20th and I’m going to be  doing online classes because I want to get a part time job as well; so with that said, I will post about atleast 1-3 posts like I was doing before. If you have any questions or comments then just leave them down below.


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