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Freetress Equal Double Weave- Attrak 4 pcs- Install/Review

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Conair Instant Heat Hot Stick Curling Iron Review + Quick Demo

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Carol’s Daughter: Diversity In Hair Care

“We want to be the first beauty brand that truly captures the beauty of the tapestry of skin types in America…to become a mirror of what America’s really becoming,” says Price. Lisa has tapped Solange Knowles, Selita Eubanks and Cassie – all women of more than one ethnic background – to be the early faces of the new line. Until now the Brooklyn based company has served a predominately African-American female clientele but as the consumer base has grown, so have the needs of the core audience. “I look at my cousin, who is half African American and half German and he’s married an Indian woman and they now have a daughter. How will little Anjali Rosenbauer describe herself and what will she need to care for her hair?”

According to the 2010 census, 9 million people reported belonging to more than one ethnic group, with an overwhelming majority combined with white and black. Always one to listen to her audience, Price began to consider the needs for what Carol’s Daughter Chairman Steve Stoute calls ‘A polyethnic demographic’. “I have hundreds of emails, requests, pleas from all types of women to help them care for their hair,” says Lisa, “they identify with me, with the brand, with the message and they want something that works for them.”

Carol’s Daughter began more than a decade ago with one product, the Body Balm. “It is an oil that’s blended with shea, mango and cocoa butters – its a wonderful experience.” That product inspired the Hair Balm, a gardenia scented hair moisturizer that is still one of the brands best sellers. “Early on, a variety of women such as Jewish and Latina girls thanked me for products that could tame their thick tresses.”

However, despite the brands all-encompassing intentions, Carol’s Daughter has faced some backlash over their choice to use three fair skin women to represent the new line, complaints to which Lisa has taken to heart. “I prefer to speak to hair textures not the color of a person’s skin or their country of origin. My customers have always been very vocal and I respect their voice. I understand their passion but the conversation was never meant to be about fair skin.” Cassie, Solange and Selita – whom amongst the three represent African-American, Filipina, Jamaican, Irish and French Creole heritages – have long been users of Carol’s Daughter products. “The beautiful women who join the family represent a variety of skin conditions and hair textures. They aren’t amazing because of their skin color, their hair or what they look like. They are amazing, compassionate, down-to-earth, funny women. ”

Lisa’s passion is evident – caring for the beauty of women, both inside and out – and she brings her message with every product of both her new Multicultural and her pre-existing lines. “Please listen and look beyond the surface and know and trust that I truly believe in beauty by nature and that beauty is inherent in every single person, regardless of age, ethnicity or sex.“

“I’m excited to launch new products that can speak to a growing number of hair needs. We had a great time on the photoshoot and the images will start to appear in our stores and on our web site in May with the launch of Monoi Repairing Collection – a shampoo, conditioner, and mask that strengthens and repairs hair, reducing breakage by an overwhelming 96%.”

But not to worry, Carol’s Daughter will remain welcoming to all. “Jay-z once said that chapped lips are universal and we can all relate. As long as I sell products like Lip Butter, I will have something for everyone. The conversations from my customers changed and I am committed to providing an answer to their beauty needs always – beauty by nature made with love.”

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My Inspiration for going Natural!

The image to the left is an amazing artist, photographer and fashion designer by the name of KESH. I discovered her blog awhile back and her posts and images are so inspirational. More and more I fell in love with her hair. Several months ago I cut my hair into a Rihanna fo-hawk style, mind you I was still getting perms; but anyhow back to what I was saying– I was still getting perms, I was so much into fads and wanting my hair straight to look like the females hair in all the magazines and etc. I didn’t realize how much the chemicals in the perms were really breaking off and damaging my hair. When I was younger, my hair was literally past the middle of my back, but it was THICK. My mother started putting perms in my hair when I was about 7 or 8, the perms weren’t really breaking off my hair because the strength of the perm wasn’t that bad, she used Just For Me. Later and later throughout the years I realized that my hair was getting shorter and shorter, and my hair was breaking off badly, like when i would get my hair wet or just comb through it, a lot of hair would come out. During the ages of 12-14 I wasn’t getting anymore perms, and my hair was just natural and thick. I soon realized that my hair was just too thick to manage and it was really short, like at my shoulders; the only type of hair styles that were easy for me to do and manage were putting my hair in two puff balls (smh), I wore that hair style all through middle school, literally. During the ages 15-18, I was in high school and of course everyone would judge you from the shoes on your feet to the type of hair style you wore. I soon persuaded my mom that my hair was just too thick for me to manage, considering the fact that my mom is not a hair person and she cut her hair off back when she was younger and she’s been rocking her hair short for years. My mom then came up with an idea of me wearing braids– cornrows. I then started going to the African hair salons and would get my hair cornrowed with weave all the time, that was like the best thing since sliced bread. After about a year of wearing braids, I was tired of wearing them and that style was soon fading away. I then finally persuaded my mom to let me get a perm again, so she finally gave in and took me to the hair salon. I was going to the hair salon faithfully every single month and would get my hair washed and styled, or a touch up on my relaxer. I was realizing that my hair was getting even more shorter, the perm was damaging my hair, I had lots of split ends, and it was just terrible but I still continued to get perms. Then one day I was looking at Rihanna’s music video and wanted to get my hair cut like hers, into a fo-hawk. I started googling pictures of her hair and showed my mom, so earlier this year I finally got my hair cut like Rihanna’s! THEN, I discovered youtube and noticed how  a lot of young girls were growing their hair naturally CURLY, I started looking at more videos about naturally curly hair, hair products for naturally curly hair, how to maintain naturally curly hair and etc. I was so interested in these videos, that I decided that I was going to let my perm grow out and I was going to go natural because my natural hair is NATURALLY CURLY. FINALLY I DISCOVERED KESH’S BLOG and I fell in love with her hair, her hair is naturally curly and it’s in a mo hawk. I then knew that I really wanted to go natural and style my hair just like hers when it got longer. In October of this year (2010) I cut all my permed hair off and I had about 3 inches of natural hair already from the few months I had not gotten a perm. I noticed that the perm in my hair was really blocking me from going natural and I didn’t want to go through the transitional phase like most people do.  So now my hair is short and NATURALLY CURLY!

Oh, you should really check out her blog too,


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I’m not sure if you all are familiar with, but they sale hair extensions, wigs, nail care products, hair care products, hair tools and alot more. It’s basically a online beauty supply store.

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Ti Chrome Flat Iron SALE! is having a great sale on their Ti Creative Chrome flat irons. They come in 4 different colors- pink, purple, black and silver. These are simply the most sleek and trendiest flat irons I’ve seen thus far if your trying to spend a little more than usual. Even though these flat irons are a little bit on the pricey side, they are still a good investment and last a long time.

The flat irons are on sale for $79.95, which means you save over 40%

You also get a a free bling brush when you purchase the pink, purple or silver flat iron.

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Can Willow Smith Whip This New Hair-Do?

Is Willow Smith really rocking the bowl cut hair do. Personally I don’t like it, not only does it make her look a bit too older but it just doesn’t fit her and it’s not cute. Willow should have stuck with the mohawk, that was very stylish on her, I wonder what hair style she will wear next, is she the next Rihanna? I look at her as a fashion icon to the younger generation, I’m sure all the little girls wanted to cut their hair after seeing her video “Whip My Hair”, now I wonder if they will take it this far with the box cut?

I do love Willow though!


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