and I’ve had it for awhile now. I make videos about fashion, beauty, hair, hauls, home decor, college advice, and etc. I will be doing a giveaway when I hit 200 subscribers, so go subscribe and stay tuned for that! Please leave video requests here, and let me know what type of videos you would like to see from me!

Also, I will post new videos that I make here on my blog.

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Old Navy Sale! Hurry! 30% OFF ENTIRE PURCHASE!


Hurry! Old Navy, Gap, and Banana Republic are giving you 30% off your ENTIRE purchase TODAY ONLY. I would really suggest that you go and pick up a few items, school is right around the corner!

Just simply enter the discount code “JULY2012” at checkout.

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Update- Im Back!

Okay, I know i’ve been gone for a long time now but I am back. I’ve been really busy with cosmetology school, which I know longer attend (I will write a separate post about that later). But anyways, the new school year is coming up so I will have some fun posts about College coming up soon. Also, I’m going to add some new topics of interest to my blog- Home Decor, My Everyday Life, Health & Fitness, and Reality TV Recaps. If you want me to do a certain topic then please just request it in a comment. Also, I am back in regular college, I start August 20th and I’m going to be  doing online classes because I want to get a part time job as well; so with that said, I will post about atleast 1-3 posts like I was doing before. If you have any questions or comments then just leave them down below.

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D.I.Y Wine Glass Jewelry Holder

This is a cute idea I came up with one day. This is a wine glass jewelry holder. I got this hard plastic wine glass from a event that I went to one day and I just decided to keep it because it was really cute and I knew I was going to be able to create something out of it. Now, if you are a clumsy person and you break things easily (lol), I would stick with the hard plastic wine glasses like the one in the pic, you can find this exact same wine glass or other styles at Party City. If your not as clumsy, I would recommend getting a regular glass wine glass, it would be more classy. You can store necklaces, rings and even stud earrings in these wine glasses, or even paper clips, or thumb tacks so you can put on your desk.

I will have a separate post showing different ways you can decorate these wine glasses, stay tuned.

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Nicka K Lipsticks: Review!

(Lavender Tint, Satin Glow, Coral Pink, Ruby Red, Natural)

These Nicka K lipsticks are the best affordable lipsticks you can find right now. You can find these lipsticks at your local beauty supply store for only $1, yes you read that correctly, they only cost ONE DOLLAR! I’ve been testing these lipsticks out for about two weeks and the consistency is very creamy, their pigmented and they last for awhile. I was a bit skeptical about these lipsticks just because of the great price because I had this mindset that they would be “too cheap”, but just because a product is cheap in price doesn’t mean their cheap in quality. So I would definitely recommend these lipsticks to everyone who is on a budget or who just wants to try a great affordable product out.

Click Here To See My Video Review on these Nicka K Lipsticks!

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College Girls Series: Victorias Secret Pink

College Girls Series: Victorias Secret
Who says you can’t be cute and stylish on campus. Victorias Secret Pink has a variety of college essentials such as cute bookbags, cross body bags, ID holders, laptop bags, totes and gym bags. You can also be cute and comfortable with their hoodies and sweat pants. Check out Victorias Secret now!

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College Girl Series: Jansport Bookbags

Jansport Bookbags


These Jansport bookbags are great for the school year, their very affordable and stylish. They come with two pockets, one big pocket for your books and supplies and a smaller pocket for your personal items like your wallet, and cellphone.  These bookbags retail for $30 each, but Delias is having a sale right now where you get $5 off, so this is the best time to purchase atleast 2 bookbags, maybe a solid color bookbag and a cute patterned bookbag. These bookbags come in many patterns and colors, the place that carries a large selection of these bags is

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